Actions translated in real life

Something is going on. During the second half of 2017 I started noticing a certain unrest among my friends and family. It was the kind of unrest that precedes big changes.

At first, I thought it was a coincidence. But before I knew it, the wave was catching up to me—it engulfed me, took me for a ride, and was done with me by January 2nd. That’s when I finally realized that all the events that unfolded in the preceding months, the conversations I’ve had, and the people I’ve met, were not a mere coincidence. Things are changing.

I decided to grab the bull by the horns and embrace change, starting with realigning my purpose, my interests, and my career. It is a work in progress, of course—after all, I emerged out of this only eight days ago— but I thought one of the most tangible ways to put all this into action was by reactivating my blog that has been neglected for much too long.

I figured that the main reason for such neglection was that I hadn’t found the true purpose of this blog. When I started it, almost six years ago, I was eager to share with my readership some tips and tricks about my profession. I wanted to write amazing content for linguists like myself. But I started to realize my blog lacked a niche. After all, there are many awesome blogs out there written and curated by wonderful colleagues. How would I make mine stand out?

One of the pivotal points of this realignment process was attending a workshop back in early November, by publicist, brand coach, and writer Marcelo Borlando, author of the book Building Idol Brands: Transforming Consumers Into Fans. The workshop was… inspirational, transformational, and actionable. It has had me thinking from the moment I left the building. Marcelo says somos la marca que dejamos en los demás—clever wordplay in Spanish for “we are the impression we leave on others.”

And while I’m still working on applying some of the ideas I learned during the workshop to other areas of my life, it dawned on me that rebranding and repurposing this blog was the natural first step.

I’m passionate about my profession, and the world of words definitely shapes my life. So that will continue to be one the guiding principles of this blog. But my experiences as a professional are also influenced by the other areas of my life that enrich me and make me whole.  That’s my perspective on life in general: That we are not compartmentalized entities, capable of perfectly separating different aspects of our existence. We are, within ourselves, balanced ecosystems, sensitive to stimuli, capable of changing, adapting, improving. In short: We are human beings and our professional life is not immune to the environment it inhabits.

I have written in more than one occasion about life-changing experiences (see for example, Journey through TM, or Shift Happens), and how they have reshaped my vision and my professional life. But I also love writing about how everyday events help us grow and change, and makes us better professionals, and ultimately better human beings. All from the perspective of an entrepreneur who is a mother and happens to specialize in languages. So, there you have it: The new purpose of this blog.

And I left for the end what seems like the most obvious change in the blog: Its title. But by now, it doesn’t require any further explanation, because it goes without saying that everything we do translates into action.

I hope you join me in this new era of my blog, and that you enjoy the journey as much as I’m enjoying writing new content. There are many more surprises to come, but all things in due time. Stay tuned!

Oh, and I would really love to hear from you! What do you think about the new look and purpose?


7 thoughts on “Actions translated in real life

  1. Love it! Nice to have you back. And just as part of your coincidences: this week I republished the piece on Operation Peter Pan.

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