Shift Happens

It all started almost three months ago. I had to cut two hours of my business day because our nanny had to leave a couple of hours early each day, due to personal circumstances. No big deal —I thought— I’ll just have to readjust a little, maybe take only one break in the morning, cut … Continue reading Shift Happens


I’m a translator. ASK ME HOW!

I absolutely love being a translator, translating, and anything that has to do with languages, books... you get the idea. Like any professional translator, I am very proud of my collection of dictionaries –whether in print or electronic form—, which I’m always looking to expand. Although some of my readers/colleagues would disagree, I am also … Continue reading I’m a translator. ASK ME HOW!

Translation business lessons from a remodeling project

About two years ago, my husband and I decided to remodel our Master bedroom’s bathroom. As we already had a design in mind, we started by searching for the perfect materials. We ended up choosing some really wonderful tiles and glass mosaics from a well-known, high-end Spanish retailer. Next, we started looking for the contractor … Continue reading Translation business lessons from a remodeling project

Positive is the keyword in communications

A recent exchange with a colleague made me realize the importance of setting a positive tone in all our communications. We were assigned to work together and we were told to coordinate schedules. While I recognize there has been a lot of confusion about the project, I have been trying to do my best to … Continue reading Positive is the keyword in communications

Actions worth a thousand (source) words

I still remember the first time I received a gift from a translation agency. It was a wonderful wooden box of artisan truffles, confectioned by a local small business. I was equally impressed by the exquisite chocolates, as I was by the fact that this agency had sent me a present. It forever changed my … Continue reading Actions worth a thousand (source) words